DAY 15, 18th February 2022

B. Thulhaadhoo

Thulhaadhoo Island is located in Baa Atoll of the Maldives, and is well known for their consistent traditional practice of lacquer work. The island used to provide the noble families in the country with their exclusive work, although today most of Thulhaadhoo’s lacquer work is presented to tourists. The inhabitants of Thulhaadhoo are friendly with great hospitality, often demonstrating the process of lacquering the wood as well.



Island is

41 HA


5.024, 72.842






41 HA


5.024, 72.842



Special Presentation

Activity 1, 18th February 2022

Welcoming all guests with a special presentation about Thulhaadhoo Island.

Performing Unique Cultural and Traditional Dances and Activities of the Maldives

Activity 2, 18th September 2022

“Kurufali jehun”, “Mangalan dhandi”, “Bodumas kulhun”, “Dhafi negun”, “Boduberu”, and “Koadi dhakkaalun”

A Display of the Unique and Traditional Handcrafted Lacquer Work of the Maldives.

Activity 3, 18th February 2022

Lacquer work (Liyelaa Jehun) is one of the most ancient and unique forms of traditional handicraft in the Maldives. It involves the sculpture of wood into the desired shape, which is then coated with layers of different colors of lacquer and polished with dry leaves. Thulhaadhoo island is known to be the only island that traditionally made the lacquered wood

Coir Rope Making

Activity 4, 18th February 2022

A exhibition of coir rope making; one of the traditional handcrafts in Maldives.


Activity 5, 18th February 2022

A demonstration of how to make the unique tools used in Maldivian Fishing.

Fangi Vinun

Activity 6, 18th February 2022

Enlightening guests with the unique handcraft techniques of “Fangi vinun”; weaving using dried palm tree leaves

Preparation of Local Cuisine.

Activity 7, 18th February 2022

Showing guests different techniques of how fish is prepared in the Maldives, such as how it is cooked in Maldives and how to make “Rihaakuru”.


Activity 8, 18th February 2022

The great “Savaadheeththa” feast.

A Dance Show

Activity 9, 18th February 2022

Farewell dance.

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