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Managing Director

Welcome to Savaadheeththa Dhathuru - Maldives Yacht Rally 2022

Welcome! Willkommen! Bienvenido/a! Bienvenue ! Benvenuto/a! Selamat datang! Добро пожаловать! Hoş geldin! 欢迎! !أهلا بك

During the speech delivered by His Excellency President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on the occasion of 100 years to the Presidential Palace, in December 2019, the President stated that culture has become an important part of our economy since more travellers, millennials in particular, arrive to explore and experience our heritages, our food, our language and to learn about our way of life and living. This memorable speech was the inspiration that steered the MITDC team to organize the Savaadheeththa Dhathuru yacht rally.

Savaadheeththa Dhathuru will ignite the importance of heritage and culture in tourism, introducing the values of rich culture and history of the Maldives into the travel market as well as promote Yacht tourism in Maldives; essentially the roots where it all began.

This yacht rally is designed to showcase the proud history, rich culture and mesmerizing beauty of the Maldives. The rally aims at introducing heritage tourism and rural tourism in the Maldives to empower local communities and build the existing patriotism into a useful life skill. This rally is also planned to flourish and promote sail tourism in the country.

My inspiration for this trip came from my roots, where I was born, raised, and from the fond memories of home. I come from a family of seafarers and was raised in a remote island. My grandfather and father were captains who travelled abroad. My mother’s first trip out of the country was also by sea, a voyage with my father to, the beautiful land of Sri Lanka. For her the excitement, tranquillity, and harmony of that journey cannot be replicated in any another way of travel; and that was the only way of experiencing new ports, new lands, new people, new smells, and new countries. We grew up listening to her wonderful stories of such several journeys and dreaming of undertaking such adventures like these one day.

In today’s tourism era, this small island nation of the Maldives, crowned as the Leading Destination of the World, has built a tourism powerhouse. Home to some of the world’s most luxurious brands offering the best high-end hospitality, modern amenities and luxuries. That development is glorious and has been the core industry of the country for years. However, with today’s hunger and need for discover, it needs more connection to the roots, to the hearts, to us- people of the Maldives. This event will encourage tourists to interact with the local communities and get a glimpse of local culture, food and traditions.

Maldives is an oceanic haven for its residents and visitors and there is no better way to truly visit and experience the ‘Maldivian ways’ than this voyage.

This trip is a tribute to one of the greatest Kings to rule the small island nation, As-Sultan al-Gaazee Muhammad Thakurufaanu al-Auzam Sri Savaadheeththa Mahaaradhun (aka Bodu Thakurufaanu). Savaadheeththa; a royal title given solely to Bodu Thakurufaanu, defined him ‘the great, noble’. This will be an exclusive tour through the Maldivian history, highlighting memorials dedicated to Sultan Muhammed Thakurufaanu, and visiting historic sites related to his endeavour. The event is designed to follow the steps and the journey of Sultan Mohammed from defeating the Colonial Portuguese to securing freedom for Maldivians.

Next year (2022) marks 50 successful years of Tourism in the Maldives. There is no better way to celebrate it than by embarking on an exciting and adventurous trip to where it all began. With restriction on travelling due to COVID19 for over a year now, it is about time to be free again! Don’t miss out the opportunity to experience unrestricted freedom at sea and the warmth of Maldivian hospitality.

We are excited for February 2022 and are working together to host and welcome you to this memorable voyage. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity one shouldn’t miss.

Mohamed RAAIDH

Managing Director

Maldives Integrated Tourism
Development Corporation.