Coral Stone Mosques

One of the mosques that remain on the island is a beautiful ancient coral stone mosque constructed by Al-Sultan Ibrahim Mudzhiruddine in December 1701, the old Friday Mosque of Ihavandhoo. Among the hand-carved historic tombstones at this mosque’s cemetery is the resting place of some members of Al-Ghaazee Hassan Rannabandeyri Kilegefaanu’s family, along with the tomb of Kudabandeyri Muhammed Thakurufaanu’s son, Al Wazeer Muhammed as well. This mosque also consists of an ancient coral stone well as well. Another ancient mosque, the one that’s the oldest at the island, is a coral stone mosque constructed over 327 years ago. This mosque consists of some of the most amazing ancient lacquer work still remaining from the history of the island.

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Sharif Ali Al-Makki Ziyaaraiy

HA. Matheerah is an uninhabited island, and is famous for the ruins of a formerly lavish shrine which marks the burial of an Arab Sayyid, Sharif Ali Al-Makki....

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Ancient Friday Mosque and Minaret:

This beautiful ancient coral stone Friday Mosque (Hukuru Miskiy) with a unique small Minaret (Munnaaru) was built in the early 1500’s by Sultan Muhammad IV of Dhevvadhoo (1692 – 1701), and is known to have been used by S...

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Utheemu Ganduvaru (Utheemu Palace)

Utheemu Ganduvaru is the birthplace and home of Sultan Muhammed Thakurufaanu, where the national hero lived and grew up centuries ago. Today, it is a site of great historical importance, with fascinating 500-year-old woo...

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