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The Northern islands of Maldives is an untouched region, offering visitors the opportunity to experience Maldives in its purest and rarest form. Being the birthplace of the National Hero, Sultan Muhammed Thakurufaanu, the Northern Maldives holds an important historical significance. With few visitors, it is a well-preserved region practicing various Maldivian traditions till this day, and is home to many strong cultural ruins and historic sites. The region also consists of shipwrecks, protected marine sites, along with underwater caves and reef slopes, containing rich marine life and several underwater wonders waiting to be explored.

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This yacht rally being the first in the Maldives has been an excellent idea. And I am really surprised why it was not done earlier. But now that it has been done, it has been done very well. It is far better than our expectations. I would advise people who are cruising around the world, that if they are crossing the Maldives, they should look out for the duration during which the Maldives yacht rally is being held and they should include that in their itinerary.

Dilip Donde

Yacht Antara